Tahoe Shores 2015



Woven with ponderosa pine needles and a 2 inch slice agate in the center.

This is a commissioned piece I created for a collector who was moving into a new home on Lake Tahoe.  She requested subtle warm brown, rust, grey and green shades to reflect the colors of the forests surrounding the lake.

untitled 2016


Woven with ponderosa pine needles, shed antler, cedar pods.

Herds of mule deer call the Klamath basin home.  In late winter the bucks shed their antlers and you can find shed antlers in wintering areas laying on the ground.

I love to create vessels with antler.  The vessels take on interesting shapes as the coils of needles intertwine with the antler.

The centerpiece is a tenneriffe design woven with waxed linen thread and looks like a wild rose blossom.

Prairie Song 2015


Woven with ponderosa pine needles, beach grass and turquoise beads.

I wove this wall piece after a trip to the desert in the springtime.  Our deserts here are an ocean of sagebrush for most of the year, with subtle grey and tan colors.  But in spring the desert comes alive with wildflowers blooming in bright shades of yellow, red, orange, blue and white. 

The colors of this piece remind me of springtime in the desert.  The tenneriffe design in the center is the shape of a flower.

Three examples of my latest work.  I receive most of my inspiration for each piece from my travels in the places I love here in the high basin of SE Oregon, the desert and forests just minutes from home, and the Ocean shore.  Each one tells a story, that I would like to share with you.

Pine Needle basketry and art by Linda Miranda