Pine Needle basketry and art by Linda Miranda


Linda Miranda is a self-taught artist.   She began weaving/coiling pine needle baskets in 2004. 

With an art background in watercolor and pen and ink; weaving baskets was quite a departure. 

In 2013 after taking an early retirement, she was able to devote more time to weaving. 

This is when her creativity came alive.

Her work evolved from simple round vessels to more complex art forms.

She developed her own style, creating unique wall pieces that have flowing undulating shapes and contemporary vessels in unusual shapes.

Her love of nature inspires her work.  Many pieces are inspired by trips to the desert of SE Oregon and Northern Nevada, or walks through the ponderosa pine forests of the Klamath Basin, and walks on the beach of the breathtaking Oregon coast.


"When friends hear for the first time that I create sculpture and baskets from pine needles, their reaction is always the same.....

Really? You do what?

Creating sculptural pieces and baskets from pine needles has become a real passion of mine.  

I live in an area of southern Oregon called the Klamath Basin. It's a high desert region, where sage brush plateaus and ponderosa pine forests dominate.

I take many walks in the forests and one day as I listened to the crunch of pine needles underfoot I was inspired to pick up a handful and try my hand at weaving a basket. I had seen a book in a gift shop several years back and wondered if it was something I could do.

That was more than 10 years ago and I've been weaving ever since. 

I focus on asymmetrical, flowing wall pieces and vessels.  I love lots of color, open spaces, and unique shapes.  Tenneriffe designs are the centerpiece of much of my work. 

My favorite materials to work with are ponderosa pine needles, beach grass, branches, pine cones, cedar pods, stones and antler.  I rarely embellish my work, letting the natural beauty take center stage.  "